Areas of Law

Expert advice and representation in Civil and Family Law

The practice of family law divides broadly into financial and children work, and Paul Pavlou’s expertise covers all aspects of both.

The spectrum of financial cases which he undertakes is very wide, and ranges from disputes where the parties’ means are modest to those of very high value, often with a high profile. He has a particular expertise in cases with complicating factors such as an international dimension and / or the involvement of trusts or family businesses.

Allied to this main area of practice are other financial disputes, such as, applications for financial relief for the children of unmarried parents, Inheritance Act claims, financial claims following overseas divorce, and property claims between unmarried and same-sex couples.

Paul Pavlou also provides a comprehensive service in the area of child law. He undertakes all forms of work relating to children, including care proceedings, adoption, secure accommodation, residence and contact applications, and child abduction. Paul also has extensive knowledge and experience in forced marriage cases, domestic violence and injunctive relief.